The third edition of Andalucia Rally, which was scheduled to take place from June 7-12, has been delayed due to the drought and heat waves that have hit Andalusia. In a press release, the organizer stated that “these climatic phenomena have indeed significantly increased the risk of burning in the region, leading local authorities to increase the level of fire alarm to its maximum”.

“To preserve the fragile ecosystem, and despite the support of all authorities to find solutions to this problem, all stakeholders decided that the test should be stopped. A.S.O., FIM, and the organizer are forced to postpone the Andalucia Rally at the fall to a date still being studied, according to this press release.

The Iserois Alexandre Groud, the winner of the quad of Dakar in January, will have to wait until the Morocco rally to locate the dunes for the world championships (7-12 Oct).