Wernigerode (dpa/sa) – The citizens’ and miniature park Wernigerode is slowly waking up from its hibernation. There are still about five weeks until the reopening on Good Friday, said a spokeswoman for the facility on Wednesday. During the winter break, screwing, soldering, cleaning, painting and gluing would take place on all of the around 60 miniature sights. A major project is the restoration of the Halberstadt Cathedral, which was recently completed.

There are already plans for the new 2023 season: According to the spokeswoman, there will be two new apps with which guests can experience the park interactively and take audio tours. Puzzles or mini-games could be solved on relevant miniatures. In addition to the adult visitors to the park, children and young people should also be addressed.

The miniature park shows the well-known sights of the Harz Mountains, such as the Wernigerode Town Hall, the Goslar Imperial Palace or the Halberstadt Cathedral. The “Kleiner Harz” exhibition is about 1.5 hectares in size, the miniatures on display were recreated on a scale of 1:25. The trains of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen also run on the site over a distance of 450 meters. The park had around 152,000 visitors last season. This is the best result since the 2006 State Horticultural Show in Wernigerode. Around 35 employees work in the miniature park.