Oybin (dpa/sn) – A 52-year-old man from Oybin (Zittau Mountains) had Christmas gifts worth around 940 euros stolen from his car on Friday evening. As the Görlitz police department announced on Saturday, officials initially followed the alleged perpetrators because of another case. On returning to her apartment in Bertsdorf-Hörnitz, a woman caught one of the two just as he was about to break in. According to the police, he pushed the woman to the side and then fled in a car.

A police patrol tried to get the driver of the car to stop several times. He ignored that and then drove to the neighboring Czech Republic, it said. That’s where the car crashed. The officials were able to hand over the 29-year-old driver to Czech colleagues. However, the passenger managed to escape into an adjacent forest. Christmas gifts were found in the car. The police assume that this is the stolen goods from Oybin.