The Defense Subdelegation in Zamora has honored a Zamoran civil guard who is among the most decorated in Spain, especially for his work during the toughest times of the fight against the terrorist group ETA, in which he participated in actions such as the liberation of the Burgos prison official kidnapped Ortega Lara or in the dismantling of several leaders of the terrorist group.

Representatives of the Government Subdelegation in Zamora, the State Security Forces and Bodies, the Municipal Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as family members and colleagues, were present at the tribute that was paid to him this Wednesday, as reported by Defense in a statement. .

The honoree, who has signed the honor book of the Defense Subdelegation in Zamora, is still a captain of the Civil Guard and continues to carry out information work, which is why Defense has only offered his initials, E.A.R.P.

This captain of the armed Institute spent his youth assigned to the information service of the Civil Guard in the Basque Country, where he arrived at the age of 22 and was also in the Special Central Unit, in the most difficult times of the fight against ETA.

He is in possession, among other medals, of four crosses of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard with a red badge, five Silver crosses of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard, twenty-one crosses of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard with a badge white, twenty-nine personal congratulations, as well as numerous other decorations from other armies and foreign countries in which he also subsequently served.

In the tribute this Wednesday, in which the officer was accompanied by some colleagues from that time, the list of reasons that justified the signing in the Book of Honor was read and the deputy defense delegate, Vicente González, praised the role of the Civil Guard and the value that this Corps has among citizens.

He has also recognized the work of the honoree and “all those anonymous men and women who strived to make this country a better place.”

After the signing, the Deputy Defense Delegate in Zamora presented him as a souvenir of the event with a gift consisting of a scale reproduction of a morion, the helmet used by Spanish soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries.