The political and social tension materialized on the Paseo del Prado this Thursday, specifically, three minutes before eleven in the morning. The sun was already warming the asphalt and the sides of the mythical avenue were packed with people carrying the national flag. And three minutes before eleven, Pedro Sánchez appeared among the authorities gathered around the VIP stand. Then a whistle blew, and the public booed and whistled at the acting president. Things stopped when the Royal Family arrived. However, while the Kings and Doña Leonor greeted the authorities, several dozen people in the audience began to sing: “Let Txapote vote for you!”, an uncomfortable moment that everyone faced with a look of circumstance.

This is how the events began on the occasion of the National Holiday, where the social tension also moved to the different halls of the Royal Palace. All eyes fell on the Princess of Asturias, in a dress uniform of the Army, who took an active part in the parade with the floral offering for those who died for Spain.

First Corporal Hurtado, a member of the Air Force Parachute Acrobatic Patrol (PAPEA), carried the flag. It was the first time that the jump was done by a woman in the parade, with the added difficulty of the change of scenery. Because due to the construction of a bike lane, the parade route was moved to an area where, in addition, the authorities were further away from the public, who still found Sánchez. But the Corporal avoided all the obstacles in the Plaza de Neptuno and made a landing that the experts consulted by EL MUNDO described as “impeccable.” It was just over an hour of parade in which 57 airplanes, 29 helicopters and 109 vehicles participated. 3,121 soldiers and 120 horses will be mobilized.

From there, two thousand guests moved to the Royal Palace, where the Kings offered a massive reception in which different social groups were present. It was also the first time that Princess Leonor participated. The members of the Government opened the kiss. Ione Belarra carried the body wrapped in a Palestinian scarf. Precisely in the halls of the palace, the Israeli ambassador to Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordon, met with her Palestinian counterpart, Husni Abdel Wahed. Also invited were Isaav Benzaquen, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, with Mustafa Hagmed Abdesalam, president of the Islamic commission in Spain.

Among the Spanish mayors, José Luis Martínez-Almeida from Madrid took his girlfriend, Teresa Urquijo y Moreno, who was the first guest to dedicate an exquisite bow to the Kings and Princess Leonor. Ana del Palacio and Esperanza Aguirre also dedicated this gesture of respect.

There was an endearing moment when Miguel Herrero de Miñón, one of the two living fathers of the Constitution, entered, who, at 83 years old, walked slowly in the kisser with the help of a cane. Don Felipe approached him to accompany him down the last stretch of hallway. Princess Leonor then approached. Her father explained to her who Herrero de Miñón was, in a spontaneous gesture but with great symbolism for the future, since the Magna Carta is going through a delicate moment.

Casa Real also invited a wide representation of citizens who have coincided with the Kings at some events throughout the year. Many of them were happy for the unique opportunity to be in a palace that, since Felipe VI arrived, has tried to bring it as close as possible to the citizens. Luz Casal was one of the most popular faces, invited for having won a Medal for Art. And the Princess of Asturias felt a little more accompanied by the presence of seven fellow cadets from the General Military Academy, friends from studies with whom she shares her daily life in Zaragoza. To lighten the hand kissing, four batches were made. And to avoid crowds, the guests were distributed in several rooms from which they enjoyed a cocktail that ended with fruit and truffle skewers.