He achieved it in Felipe II, raised it in the Puerta del Sol and now consecrates it in the Temple of Debod. The Popular Party achieves its third ‘full force’ in its protests called in the center of Madrid against the amnesty and sends a clear message to the PSOE one day after holding its secret meeting with Junts in Geneva: “We are not going to accept the opacity with the that Pedro Sánchez meets to negotiate secretly the dignity of Spain”.

Supported by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, José Luis Martínez Almeida and other important territorial barons of the party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo charged before thousands of people against the “unbearable humiliation” that a Salvadoran diplomat, expert in guerrillas, is the verifier of the meetings between the PSOE. and Junts: “I demand on behalf of this country that this nonsense stops.”

Feijóo wondered if “an expert in Latin American guerrillas” is the right person to decide on the treatment that the Government should have over one of the country’s autonomies. “To put a citizen of El Salvador to decide the future of Spain is a shame,” he stated, at the same time that he promised to “tear down the wall” that the PSOE intends to build “with everyone’s Constitution.” “I refuse to think that there are no socialists who are not ashamed that their party is going to Geneva to negotiate with an intermediary with a coup plotter,” said the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida.

If the previous large gatherings of the PP were scheduled in the middle of the negotiation process of the PSOE with the independence movement and on the eve of Sánchez’s investiture, this new massive meeting has been held on the anniversary of the Constitution, which in the eyes of the opposition is the main victim of the left’s roadmap with separatism. The organization estimated 15,000 attendees while the Government Delegation estimated the call at 8,000 people.

The leader of the popular party advanced that the strategy of his formation involves once again calling on Spaniards to take to the streets, in addition to proposing total opposition to the left at the parliamentary and judicial levels: “They will have several cups of broth democratic, that broth that they cultivate”.

“This is no longer about the left or the right. Saying no to the amnesty is defending democracy and the Constitution, it is defending Spain,” launched the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who stressed that from Puerta del Sol she will plant against Sánchez “whatever the cost”, because “democracies do not die suddenly, but little by little.”

“If you don’t like these mobilizations, get ready: there will be many more as long as we do not reverse the rule of law in our country,” Feijóo promised from the vicinity of the iconic Debod Temple, very close to the socialist headquarters on Ferraz Street. where for a month now daily rallies have been held against the amnesty and the pacts reached by the PSOE and the independence movement. Some protests in which the PP does not participate but Vox does, which calls for a permanent and constant response in the streets against Sánchez’s “coup.”

For this reason, Vox was once again represented in this new PP concentration. If in Puerta del Sol the Vox delegation was led by its leader, Santiago Abascal, this Sunday it was led by the general secretary of the parliamentary group in Congress, José María Figaredo.

“It is not the time for parties,” said Figaredo, because “the coup plotters have met in Geneva to cut up Spain and carry out a regime change tailored to the PSOE.”