The PP of Castilla y León announced this Saturday that it will immediately open a file for the expulsion from the party of the mayor of Gomezserracín (Segovia) Laura del Río, whom it will ask to leave her councilor’s record after posting on her Facebook profile published a message in which he suggested that Pedro Sánchez, whom he did not name directly, deserves “a shot in the back of the head.”

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“We will be forceful against those who carry them out, whoever it may be,” they added, after which the PP has announced the expulsion file and the request that he leave the councilor’s record.

This after the PSOE of Segovia also included in a post the message of the former mayor and councilor: “Is anyone thinking that there is no greater son of the great whore than the one who is in office until Thursday? A shot in the face He never deserves… (to block me from Facebook, I don’t give a shit, I’ve already said it)”, according to the capture of the Segovian socialists.

The PSOE of Segovia has demanded his immediate dismissal and has reported what happened to the Civil Guard, since “there is no room for hate in our democracy,” he added in the message through X.