A new batch of celebrities is playing on Pasapalabra (Antena 3). From today, November 22, until Friday, the 24th, the contestants who aspire to pocket a jackpot of more than one million euros will have new allies.

The four guests arrive on set with the goal of adding seconds to the contestants’ boxes, but also with the idea of ​​having a fun time in front of the audience. The presence of well-known faces is part of the success of the program, which has just broken its best record of the season: 2,308,000 average followers and nearly 4.5 million unique viewers. Pasapalabra is the king of the afternoon (with the most with 19.4%).

In addition to Laura Sánchez and Elena Rivera, among the guests that Roberto Leal welcomes this week is Luis Larrodera.

Luis Larrodera was born in Zaragoza 50 years ago. He stands out for being a multifaceted professional both in front of and behind the cameras. He can be a comedian, actor and also a screenwriter. In addition, he is a radio and television presenter.

The truth is that few people can boast of having been propelled to fame at the first opportunity by a great in the history of Spanish television. It was Chicho Ibáñez Serrador who chose the young Aragonese communicator, who until then had worked in local media, to present the return of the legendary contest Un, dos, tres on La 1 de TVE (2003). Of course, Chicho ordered that Larrodera call himself Luis Roderas.

And it didn’t take long for him to debut as an actor. It was in 2005, first with a small role in Torrente 3 and then with another appearance in O.F.N.I., by José Semprún.

Since then, the man from Zaragoza, who recovered the surname Larrodera in 2006, has worked in film, theater and especially on television

Among his notable roles, his participation as a contestant on Me resbala stands out. We have also seen him brilliantly imitate Karina in Your face sounds to me.

Larrodera has hosted programs such as Alta Tensión (Cuatro) and has been part of the regular cast of actors in La hora de José Mota (TVE).

Likewise, he has appeared occasionally in other productions such as El Ministerio del Tiempo, La que se cerca or Gym Tony.

Luis Larrodera’s voice has also been present as a narrator in programs such as Supernanny, Come dine with me (Cuatro) or El Precio Justo (Telecinco).

Returning to television history, in 2016, Luis Larrodera was the substitute for the legendary Jordi Hurtado in the Saber y Ganar contest for several weeks.

The Zaragoza native’s career is completed with programs and series on regional channels, collaborations on national radio and as master of ceremonies at a good number of galas and events.