Pasapalabra continues as the afternoon audience leader also in 2024. This Monday, the Antena 3 contest added a Golden Minute (9:04 p.m.) in front of the television with 3.6 million viewers and a 27.1% audience share. screen.

This Tuesday the competition program, presented by Roberto Leal, will have as new guests the bullfighter El Cordobés along with María Jesús and her accordion, among others.

María Jesús Grados (Cáceres, 1956), but it can be said that she is more Valencian than Extremaduran. When she was seven years old, her parents settled near the beach of La Mavarrosa (Valencia) before spending some time in Madrid.

His first participation in a radio contest gave him the opportunity to participate in the TVE program called Gente Joven. Since then his career has always been linked to a musical instrument, the accordion.

There have been many songs and musical hits in these years of professional career between sets and concerts, but he has among his repertoire a unique and unrepeatable song: The Dance of the Birds.

“I see people who enjoy my songs and who behave the same as me when I go out on stage. I don’t see a group of old people, far from it. Sometimes I surprise myself by jumping up and down. We older people believe that we don’t Years have passed and we are still 25,” he highlighted in a recent interview in

After years of traveling and concerts around the world, María Jesús settled in Benidorm where she performed every day at the El Rincón bar until 2019. Then she decided to lower the blinds and once again start an endless tour of all the towns of Spain.

“I go up on stage and it’s like they wind me up from behind. Boom! Going on stage is my life. But I don’t think I’ll be around for many more years. I would like to be like Raphael, but I have a heavy instrument and I “I have to carry it on my shoulders. I don’t know if God will give me health… I tell my accordion that there will always be a hospital to go to play,” adds the singer.