Pasapalabra reigns on the afternoon television schedule in Spain. Roberto Leal maintains his leadership from Monday to Friday of the most famous contest in the last two decades on national television.

The Antena 3 space keeps the pulse of the audience thanks to the duels and multiple ties between the contestants Moisés and Óscar. The El Rosco jackpot now exceeds one million euros.

Starting this Monday, the contest will have Patricia Yurena, Nuria Gago and Álex O’Dogherty, among others, as new guests.

Patricia Yurena (Tenerife, 1990) is a Canarian model who won the Miss Spain contest in 2008, and was later the First Maid of Honor in the Miss Universe contest.

The beautiful Tenerife woman even managed to capture the attention of Donald Trump, co-owner of the beauty pageant during her participation in the Miss Universe pageant. So much so that she received an offer from the tycoon to join his modeling agency, although he rejected it.

Yurena also trained for three years at an acting school and was even part of a theater company, Beautiful People.

“I would like to dedicate myself to cinema, I like it more, but the truth is that right now I am living off fashion and the offers that come to me. At the end of the day, they are two professions that go hand in hand, so I am happy” , said Patricia Yurena in an interview with

In 2014 Patricia Yurena revealed her homosexuality on social media, becoming the first Miss Spain to come out of the closet.

“I continue to receive the same messages from boys as I do from girls. Men have not stopped. They don’t take any notice that I have a partner and that it’s a woman. I even have some who insist they don’t believe that I’m attracted to a woman,” the model highlighted in an interview with

On a personal level, two years ago she was the mother of a child.