After the historic jackpot won by Rafa Castaño after the already mythical duel against Orestes, Pasapalabra begins what is almost a new era of the program with two new participants, Alejandra and Jorge. What has not changed is the landing of guests on the Antena 3 set willing to help the contestants. On this occasion, the four celebrities are Karina, Alberto Vázquez, Ana García Lozano and Poty. Let’s get to know a little better who this last guest is.

The name of Javier Arco Castillo may not say much to the audience, but many viewers will quickly put a face on him, and long hair, as soon as his nickname, Poty, is added. Yes, Poty, the choreographer who rose to fame with Operación Triunfo and who became a character on TV. Not surprisingly, he has already gone through Pasapalabra on previous occasions.

Born in Torrelavega (Cantabria) 63 years ago, Poty is a choreographer, artistic director, presenter and producer. As he himself confessed a few years ago, he is named after his brother, who died the same day he was born.

He has also revealed on numerous occasions why he was given the nickname Poty: as a child he was a very poor eater and the only way his mother had to get him to eat porridge was by sitting him down in front of the television to watch a program about two clowns, Poty and Cucumber. Next, he usually adds that fortunately they didn’t give him the nickname Pepino.

His passion for dance began as a child, especially when he took his first steps at the Akamine-Smink Ballet School in Torrelavega. Years later, she completed her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Dramatic Art and Dance in Madrid.

During his seven years as a dancer with the National Ballet, he was under the orders of Maya Plisetskaya and Nacho Duato, although one of his first professional successes was as author of the choreography with which the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team won the World Championship. in Athens in 1993.

However, his great springboard was television and specifically the first edition of Operación Triunfo, in 2001, where he worked as a dance teacher and became one of the most charismatic characters on the musical talent show. In fact, he has subsequently worked as a choreographer with many of the former OT Academy contestants, such as Rosa López, Bisbal or David Bustamante, with whom he had a very close relationship.

Another of his great successes was giving shape on stage to the performance of María Isabel in Junior Eurovision 2004 with the well-known song Antes muerta que sencilla.

Poty has also collaborated with artists of the stature of Rocío Jurado, Julio Iglesias or Celia Cruz.

In 2005, he recovered his role as choreography teacher in a television contest with Mira Quién Baila (La 1), where he worked for seven editions. At that same stage, he made his debut as a presenter with the children’s program Ayúdame Mamá on Telemadrid (2008).

Shortly after, Castillo sought to venture into the United States, although he always returned to Spain to carry out collaborator and jury work on programs such as Arusitys Prime (Antena 3), Pura Magia (RTVE) and Lalala (Telemadrid).

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