Two-digit plus degrees, muddy forest paths, no sign of natural snow far and wide – that was the weather at the turn of the year 2022/23. The next few days have nothing to do with winter either.

Erfurt/Leipzig (dpa/th) – Thuringia experienced a spring-like turn of the year. Some of the New Year’s rockets rose into the night sky at double-digit plus degrees. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), there was 17 degrees Celsius in Jena on Sunday at midnight, the value was measured at the observatory there. It was only slightly cooler at 16.5 degrees in Erfurt-Bindersleben. Even on the 916 meter high Schmücke in the Thuringian Forest, 9.3 degrees were still measured at midnight, in Neuhaus am Rennweg it was 9.6 degrees, according to the information. Real winter is still not in sight, as a spokeswoman for the German Weather Service said on Sunday.

During the course of Saturday, the provisionally highest temperatures on a New Year’s Eve had been measured across the board in Thuringia since records began: According to the DWD, Olbersleben (Sömmerda district) was the frontrunner with 18 degrees – closely followed by Dachwig (Gotha district) with 17.9 degrees and Jena with 17.7 degrees. The previous high for the last month of the year came from 1953 with 17.5 degrees. A year ago, the turn of the year in Bavaria was also unusually mild: At that time, the Jena measuring station (observatory) was the leader with 15.2 degrees.

In view of the weather, the last open ski lift in the Thuringian Forest has also capitulated: in the Silbersattel ski arena in Steinach, whose slopes are also covered with artificial snow, winter sports are no longer possible for the time being, the Thuringian Forest regional association announced on Sunday. For pedestrians, however, the lift is also open until late afternoon on New Year’s Day. On Sunday, tobogganing was only possible in the Winterwelt Schmiedefeld. Cross-country skiers could only let off steam in the ski hall in Oberhof on artificial snow.

According to the DWD, it should only be slightly cooler in the next few days, and from Wednesday the meteorologists are expecting rain and sometimes stormy winds. “From Wednesday you can talk about autumn weather,” said the spokeswoman.