Ukrainian authorities, headed by the Ukrainian ambassador to Spain, Serhii Pohoreltsev, have decorated 34 Spanish soldiers this Thursday in recognition of their work in active assistance and training of their Armed Forces, within the framework of the program initiated after the Russian invasion .

Specifically, Pohoreltsev and the Defense attaché, Sergii Vtorykh, have recognized the commander of the Operations Command, Lieutenant General Francisco Braco, with the Cross of Merit, while the remaining personnel have been decorated with the Distinction of Honor for Assistance the army.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, presided over the award ceremony, held at the Toledo Infantry Academy and which was also attended by the Chief of the Defense Staff, Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón, and the director of the academy, Colonel Álvaro Díaz Fernández.

The head of the portfolio has stressed that the commitment of the Spanish military to the assistance and training of Ukrainian personnel will be “total and absolute” and has stated that those awarded “represent all the Spanish Armed Forces.”

Thus, he has conveyed his pride in the work they do “always leaving the Spanish flag very high and knowing that, with the support they are providing, Spain contributes to a just cause in the world”, as reported by the Ministry of Defense in a statement.

“Spain will always feel very proud of having been on the right side of history,” Robles added, reiterating that the mission and support for Ukraine “will continue as long as necessary.” Furthermore, the minister praised the Ukrainian military for being “an example of patriotism and love for her country” and highlighted the personal ties that emerged between them and the Spanish instructors.

For his part, the Ukrainian ambassador thanked the minister and the Government for providing support to Ukrainian personnel. “I am very grateful to the instructors who have shared their knowledge and who are training Ukrainian personnel. Their work helps save lives, win the war and restore peace,” he said, before highlighting that the training of troops is a ” very important element within military support” to Ukraine.

On behalf of those awarded, Lieutenant General Braco thanked the great honor of receiving this recognition for the “tireless work” carried out by more than 2,500 soldiers in the 72 modules taught to date.

Spain participates in the European Union Military Assistance Mission in Support of Ukraine (EUMAM UA) as part of the commitment assumed in defense of peace, freedom and democracy. Through it, our country decided to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the instruction and training of its soldiers, creating the Toledo Training Coordination Center (TTCC) for this purpose. Since November 2022, when the first contingent was formed, there have been more than 3,000 trained Ukrainian fighters.