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Transport is the largest emitting sector in France – 31% of our emissions in 2021, and what’s more they are increasing! Half of these emissions are due to private cars. Here are four podcast episodes to think about the decarbonization of transport in all its forms. See you soon !

1. How to get out of the private car?

An episode in which we discuss how we can reduce the space of the car. Are there any solutions that have already been tested that can achieve this? What other types of vehicle can we turn to? With Aurélien Bigo, associate researcher at the Energy and Prosperity chair. He is the author of Cars, Fake or Not (Tana editions). He devoted his thesis to the decarbonization of transport.

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2. Will the electric car take us off oil?

In this conversation, we wonder if the electric car is a miracle solution to get away from our dependence on oil (or not). Conversely, is it more polluting than a gasoline car? What role does the issue of metals and rare earths play in batteries? With Emmanuel Hache is an economist at IFP Energies nouvelles and he is also research director and professor at IRIS. He is the author of Geopolitics of energies (Editions Eyrolles, 2022) and Metals, the new black gold (Editions du Rocher, 2023).

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3. Should we stop flying?

Here, we wonder why the airline sector is problematic. Are hydrogen or biofuel planes credible solutions? Should traffic be significantly reduced, and how? With Isabelle Laplace, economics researcher at the National Civil Aircraft School, ENAC, in Toulouse, where she has been working for more than ten years on the climate transition in the aviation sector.

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4. How can we (really) prefer the train?

In this episode, we think about how to further develop rail and the obstacles that arise. Why is the train still so expensive? How can we make it more affordable, more present in our lives and more practical? With Béatrice Jarrige, consultant, railway specialist, former chief economist of the SNCF. She coordinated a lengthy report for the Shift Project on long-distance mobility in 2022.

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