The Secretary of State for Employment and Social Economy, Joaquín Pérez Rey, has assured that the new eight-week parental leave contemplated in the Family Law and that parents can enjoy continuously or intermittently, until their child turns eight, will be paid.

“The eight-week parental leave, as you know, is an obligation that derives from the European norm, from the European Union directive and it is an obligation that naturally, since it has to be paid, that parental leave has to be paid, as as provided by this regulation”, explained Pérez Rey, this Tuesday, at a press conference.

In addition, he recalled that this European standard provides that the states will have until August 2024 to establish the appropriate compensation measures for that permit. Therefore, he has indicated that this is the final result to which the proper transposition of the European directive has to lead and that they are “in time to comply.”

This eight-week permit is one of the three new permits created with the Family Law, promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and which is now beginning its parliamentary process after being approved in the second round by the Government.

Specifically, as dictated by law, all workers, men or women, may take this parental leave to care for a son, daughter or foster minor for more than one year, until the moment the minor turn 8 years old

Along with this permit, the family law creates another two, one of them, for five days due to serious accident or illness, hospitalization or surgical intervention without hospitalization that requires home rest of the spouse, common-law partner or relatives up to the second degree by consanguinity , or any cohabitant.

Another of the permits will be four days a year, which can be enjoyed by the hour, for “urgent or unexpected family reasons”, for example, when a father or mother is called from school because their child has become ill, as as the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has indicated on several occasions.

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