The Division General of the Civil Guard jailed for the Mediator case, Francisco Espinosa Navas, kept 61,110 euros in cash at his home in Madrid. He was located on February 16, when he was arrested, according to the prison order issued by the Tenerife judge investigating the case.

The investigators believe that the money was part of what the plot obtained from the businessmen whom they promised to help in their businesses. The money was of “illegal origin”, according to the judge, who finds it “significant” not only the high amount, but also how the money was kept. Half (30,250) were found in bundles of 5,000 euros “in a case inside a shoe box, in turn located inside the closet of the master bedroom.”

In the same closet, inside a drawer, there was another 2,400 euros distributed in different envelopes. Finally, in the drawers of the closet in the next room, “wrapped in two rolls of clothes”, there were another 28,460 euros.

In addition to cash and the payment of expenses such as travel and hotels, the general had demanded to put his influence at the service of the disjointed plot that his sentimental partner be hired.

The prison order now known explains that the high command of the Civil Guard, recently retired, took advantage of the fact that he was in command of a European mission in the Sahel to take contract commissions.

The order mentions that in a conversation he promised to get a contract for a company in Cape Verde “for a value of 35 million euros, of which 10% would go to the general’s hands.”

The general is the only detainee who remains in pretrial detention. The judge agreed to the measure at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office due to the risk that he could escape if he was released, as well as to avoid possible destruction of evidence in this initial phase of the investigation.

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