The British low-cost airline, Easyjet, is expanding its flight schedule due to a slight recovery at the time of booking to pay careful. For the Rest of the summer, the offer will be increased to 40 per cent from 30 per cent of flight capacity in the past year, announced Easyjet on Tuesday. The demand is higher than expected. The Airline, however, remains more pessimistic than the competing low-cost airlines. The market leader, Ryanair of Ireland, wants to leave in August, 60 percent of the previous year, capacity to stand out in September, then 70 percent. The small Hungarian company Wizz Air had already reached 70 percent.

Also, the airline wants to fill after the announcement of the end of June until October, 40 percent of last year’s Seating space and with more than 380 flight, half of the aircraft in the air. Using the latest state-of-the Lufthansa informed the publication of the quarterly figures on Thursday. The French-Dutch group Air France-KLM set for the current third quarter, 45 percent of the capacity in view, which is to increase until the end of the year to 65 percent. From April to June, only twelve percent of the previous year, the flights took off due to the pandemic. The British-Spanish aerospace group-IAG, parent of British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus, plans to be more careful with around a quarter of the offer in the third quarter and half in the final quarter of the year.

However, because the Corona case numbers in several countries, to rise again, the uncertainty about the development of travel large. Holiday destinations in Portugal or France are in demand, but the market that remains unpredictable, said Easyjet chief Johan Lundgren. Due to the Corona pandemic EasyJet suffered in the three months to the end of June, a pre-tax loss in the amount of of 324.5 million pounds Sterling. From April to June, as in most of Europe the air traffic broke down because of travel restrictions was, burned Easyjet but less money than feared: Instead of the initially expected a billion pounds, there were 774 million.

The low-cost airlines is expected for the current fourth quarter of its fiscal year with a smaller loss than in the third. The year-to-date hard-hit stock a boost of more than ten percent of gave.