The latest from the Vosges from Mustache can do it all: city, paths, perfect companion for the week or the weekend… Its aluminum frame is made in France and its double suspension offers unfailing comfort, at the price of a significant weight, quickly forgotten when driving thanks to a Bosch motor torque.

75 Nm, 11-speed transmission and chain or continuously variable and belt, 500 or 625 Wh battery, 29 kg, from €5,199.

The modern look of this compact bicycle hides a large carrying capacity (150 kg), well supported by a solid Bosch motor to play the strong. Modular for receiving guests or carrying packages, easy to handle, it stores easily, although we must not forget its weight, which is still considerable.

75Nm, 5-speed transmission and chain, 500Wh battery, 25kg, from €3,999.

Pay attention to appearances: despite its particularly compact format, this French bike is designed to carry loads of up to 160 kg. Recognizable by its fun retro design, it incorporates indicators and a horn, like a moped, as well as a remote security system in the event of theft.

50 Nm, 7-speed transmission and chain, 450 or 600 Wh battery, 25.5 kg, from €2,000.

The young French brand offers a men’s bike which incorporates the characteristics of its open frame model: battery integrated into the seat tube, very retro design, but connection and screen included. The belt transmission, without gears, is especially suitable for urban use.

35Nm, 1-speed belt drive, 360Wh battery, 21.9kg, €2,390.

Giant’s new urban brand, sold online, offers a robust cargo model suitable for transporting children or heavy loads thanks to its modular load carriers. Its telescopic seat post can be lowered to maintain good stability when stationary despite the weight on board, which can reach 160 kg.

80Nm, 9-speed transmission and chain, 500Wh battery, 36kg, €4,700.

The American brand offers a semi-rigid mountain bike (without rear suspension) designed to be light and accessible, the Marlin. With its Bosch engine and Shimano transmission, it provides great performance on the track, favoring lightness rather than power. Enough to satisfy athletes who appreciated the classic 100% mechanical Marlin range.

50Nm, 12-speed transmission and chain, 400Wh battery, 21.3kg, €3,299.

Despite its English-sounding name, the O2 Feel brand is very French. In its range, the Vern are presented as VTCs, with a strong urban profile and the ability to take paths. The Shimano Steps EP6 motor has 85 Nm of torque to ensure flawless thrust, and its large battery promises a good range, given up to 240 km.

85 Nm, 10-speed transmission and chain, 720 Wh battery, 27 kg, €4,199.

In its new green color, the little Brompton Electric P Line gains in elegance. The iconic folding bike from London perpetuates its recipe. Ultra-compact, quick to fold, it remains light, even with its battery: 15.6 kg. Easy to take on a train, a shop or an elevator, it remains mainly confined to urban use.

4-speed transmission and chain, 300 Wh battery, 15.6 kg, from €4,195.

A pioneer in electric bikes around thirty years ago, the Japanese giant returns with a small, cutting-edge range, including this gravel model, halfway between a mountain bike and a road bike. Sober and elegant, it plays sportiness to accompany all escapades thanks to its high-torque in-house engine. Its suspended saddle provides unexpected comfort.

70 Nm, 11-speed transmission and chain, 500 Wh battery, 21.4 kg, €3,499.

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