of Course, there are the best arguments for the interior of a car with cameras and microphones to equip. The electronic safety system of the vehicle could, if it knows the exact Position of each occupant, in the event of an accident, the Airbags in the best possible way. And, of course, you don’t need long to think, to analysis and application possibilities, their Use should be evaluated in different ways by different: police and insurance companies, for example, would have to be interested in but for the recordings of the last moments before an accident. Was distracted the driver, perhaps? Have gefläzt passengers, possibly to your seat, even the seat belt couldn’t save you from bad injuries?

Alone sensor systems, the us supplier Cerence to the American Online magazine “Motherboard” reported, already more than 325 million cars used to be. By the middle of 2022 all new vehicles in the EU – from Trucks to small cars – with a tiredness recognition and attention warning system for drivers to be equipped. In January the European data protection Board in new has established guidelines for dealing with data from connected vehicles, information connected with persons, are not permitted to leave the car without the Express consent of the driver or the car. Furthermore, only data may be collected that are required for the operation of the safety system, or for any other purpose, the owner of the vehicle has expressly agreed.

it’s different In America. There are a number of provisions, restrictions, and requirements for the processing and transfer of this data, but the privacy of the occupants is protected by you, such as “Motherboard” reported, prior to the future monitoring systems in cars is insufficient. Especially since two years ago, the General Motors, four years before the co-signatories of one of the auto industry, drafted a series of resolutions for the privacy came at ninety thousand drivers in the context of radio advertising and the purchase of a product has followed.