Gardener’s Homemade Weed Killer Wipes Out Patio Growth in Just One Hour

Weeds can be a real nuisance for gardeners, especially when they start popping up between your patio slabs. However, one woman has come to the rescue with a simple homemade recipe that can eliminate them in just one hour.

The eternal headache for any gardening enthusiast, weeds have a way of appearing where they are least welcome. They can compete for resources and ruin the appearance of our beloved green spaces. While weeds come in various forms, the ones that sprout between patio slabs are particularly bothersome. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also cause damage to the structure if left unchecked.

A user on the Mrs. Hinch Gardening Tips Facebook page recently shared her success in getting rid of patio weeds with a homemade solution. Hannah Miller exclaimed, “I have just sprayed my patio weeds with a mixture of vinegar, salt, and washing up liquid, and within one hour, they were gone. It’s incredible, I can’t believe how fast it worked. I used just under four liters of water, a cup of salt, and one tablespoon of washing-up liquid. I heard about this from another gardening group and didn’t expect it to work, but it was so effective.”

The post received a flood of positive comments from group members, with many endorsing this method wholeheartedly. Catherine MacInnes shared, “I can attest to this. I tried it, and within an hour, the weeds were gone. Amazing.” Mary McClure Whelan also shared her success story, saying, “I used undiluted vinegar on the weeds coming through my paving, and it did the trick. They haven’t come back.” Margaret Blair added, “It’s effective, I use it regularly.” Julie Barnes commented, “This is my go-to method.”

The secret to the effectiveness of this homemade weed killer lies in the acetic acid present in vinegar and salt, which dehydrates the plants, leading to their demise. The washing up liquid acts as a surfactant, ensuring that the solution penetrates the leaf pores instead of just remaining on the surface. For optimal results, thoroughly soak the weeds with this DIY herbicide. However, be cautious as it cannot differentiate between unwanted weeds and prized plants. If you have weeds near plants you wish to keep, be precise in your spraying technique.