Director of Kelsian Group Boosts Stake with On-Market Purchase – Exclusive Update

Kelsian Group Limited (AU:KLS) has recently made headlines with a significant development. Fiona Hele, a prominent director at Kelsian Group Limited, has shown her confidence in the company by purchasing an additional 5,895 ordinary shares at $5.08 each. This move has increased her total holdings to 65,583 shares, signaling a strong vote of confidence in the company’s future prospects.

The timely disclosure of this change in director’s interest to the ASX underscores the transparency and integrity of Kelsian Group Limited. It also reflects Fiona Hele’s positive outlook on the company’s stock performance. Importantly, no alterations in director’s interests in contracts were reported, and the transactions were conducted in compliance with regulatory guidelines, without violating any closed period restrictions.

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