Traffic will be “very significantly disrupted” on Tuesday for commuter and RER trains operated by SNCF due to a strike by Ile-de-France railway workers on the eve of a day of negotiations on bonuses received during the Olympic Games, announced the SNCF, Sunday May 19.

The most affected lines will be the RER D and the Transilien line R, with only one train in five and only during peak hours (6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.). There will only be two out of five trains on the RER E, which will not run between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and will not serve many stations. The metro and tram network in Paris, managed by RATP, is not affected by this mobilization.

The RER C will also be particularly disrupted with two trains out of five, only between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., depending on the branch. This means that there will be an average of one train every 15 to 30 minutes during rush hour and many stations will not be served either. On Transilien line V, there will be only one train per hour, during rush hour.

Elsewhere on the network, the RER A, the most used line with more than a million passengers per day, will be almost spared because it is operated by the RATP, with the exception of a branch going towards Poissy where there will be one train out of two. Same thing for the RER B where there will be one train out of two on the northern part (SNCF) and two out of three on the southern part (RATP). Finally, the other Transilien lines (suburban trains) will see one train in three run (H, J, L, N, U).

The movement, initiated by Sud-Rail and the CGT-Cheminots, joined in places by Unsa-Ferroviaire but also FO-Cheminots (non-representative union of the SNCF), promised to be particularly followed. As of Friday, Sud-Rail warned that more than 90% of drivers intended to go on strike on certain lines, the day after Pentecost Monday.

The railway workers are seeking to put pressure on management, on the eve of a conclusive meeting on the bonuses allocated to agents mobilized during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Sud-Rail regrets for the moment that only compensation of 50 euros gross per day worked during the competitions has been provided. At RATP, where negotiations have ended, agents mobilized between July 22 and September 8 will receive on average a bonus of 1,000 euros gross.