One of three connected homes use payment platforms of content

A lack of transparency, are good panels. The last report of the CNMC on the audio-visual field plasma the number of Spanish households connected to Netflix. According to the data of this study from the National Commission of Markets and Competition, 12.5% of homes in spain are subscribed to that service, so Netflix would already be present in over 2 million homes.

The company does not leave to escape one of its great assets: the data. Hence, this platform is silent regarding these or other calculations. In principle, the figure provided by the CNMC is a lower estimate, since there are possibilities of access to Netflix from a third party -for example the menu of an operator television-. In addition, passwords are shared by individuals in different houses may divert the well-known accounts this Friday.

Netflix has signed in the second quarter of this year, the who has updated this survey, one of its major impulses in Spain. From two years ago, their penetration has been increasing since a 1,8%: 3,4%, 7,3%, 9,1% and this new acquaintance of 12.5%.

But this is the official figure available, which can also be found, for example, HBO, in 2.9% of the households of this country; that is, 476.000. However, a connection to that service american made since Vodafone TV would not be picked up by the displays of Competition.

One of every three households with internet access is already connected to payment platforms for viewing audiovisual content. The study of the CNMC attributed to Movistar+ consumption in the Network of 2.2 million households, 2 million mentioned, which would correspond to Netflix, 950.00 for Vodafone TV shows online and 741.000 to the App Orange TV. It should be recalled that, in the case of television operators, these figures only collect viewings via online.

According to the criteria of

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