Where cords Mario Götze (of 28) in the upcoming season, his football boots, is not yet out. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper, however, where the shooter, the shot in the final of the 2014 FIFA world Cup, the decisive goal against Argentina, invests at least part of his eleven seasons as a professional kicker-earned assets. The offensive midfielder, a least at Borussia Dortmund and is currently still on the search for a new club, as a new Investor in the Frankfurt-based Start-up Qualifyze.

Sebastian Balzter

editor in the economy of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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The three years ago founded a Tech-company, companies in the pharmaceutical industry supplied with information about the quality of their suppliers. Due to the high regulatory demands on the safety of medicines in the industry a sought-after service. Anyway, David Schneider, the 32-year-old founder of Qualifyze refers today to more than 150 customers and a growing network of auditors, in the order of the Start-ups from Germany the conditions of production and quality assurance processes of pharmaceutical suppliers from around the world in the eye.

The business model takes bonds in the case of classic credit reporting agencies such as the Schufa, but also in the case of Online review platforms, such as the accommodation broker Airbnb. The reports of the quality inspectors are created usually in the order of an individual customer, for a fee, but also other interested parties leave. A pharmaceutical manufacturer has withdrawn a supplier on their own account, under the microscope, a part of the cost back in, if the information collected in Qualifyze ready for more payment companies are interested in.

“It is our duty to do something here”

It goes without saying that the data are processed with a Software, and that the mediation services for a Fee. In the ideal case, the brave new digital world we all stand to benefit, because the suppliers get less disturbing visit from their customers, they can rely on, but nevertheless, on the compliance with the quality standards.

the Increasing Use and declining costs, this is the promise, along with Mario Götze now experienced venture capitalists, such as the Berlin investment company Rheingau Founders put their trust in. In three years, announced that Schneider’s Co-CEO Florian Hildebrand (30), to the achieve currently under the collective address of one of Frankfurt’s Co-Working Space resident company’s profits – and a two-digit million amount in the year to implement.

Like Mario Götze for his money system, of all things, on this Start-up is pushed? Other football professionals to remain as investors significantly closer to your own area of expertise. Ex-national goalkeeper Oliver Kahn (51), for example, has gloves on goalkeeper, and a goalkeeper’s training (“Goalplay”) laid in. “As a professional athlete and the father of the subject of health, I am naturally very dear to the heart”, can be idol to know of his decision. The Audit platform is a cornerstone to address many current challenges. A better Overview of the supply chain make the supply of medicines more robust. “Covid-19 has revealed many weak points. It is our duty to do something here.“

But the substance of the arguments, it was perhaps not alone, the idol of the entry led. Personal sympathy may have played a role: Florian Hildebrand, one of the two Qualifyze leaders, has not only a past, the Duisburg steel trader Klöckner & co. as assistant to the Chairman of the Board Gisbert Rühl (61), as the digitization of the champion known. He grew up in Dortmund, according to self-confessed Borussia-Fan – and he once went to the same school as Mario götze’s older brother.