La Sexta broadcast a new installment of La Roca on Sunday, March 5. In the format, Juan del Val revealed one of the hobbies of his wife, Nuria Roca, that she can’t stand.

“Today we have saved ourselves something original for the start. We have entered Google, we have looked at what is there, there are days when we are more creative and others when we are much less, and that is what Google is for. And what have we found? March 5 , Big Day of Zaragoza. It’s also the Day of the European Surveyor, well, very well. The World Energy Efficiency Day, very well. Today is Open Data Day, well, phenomenal. It’s the Day of Digital Abstinence, well that you can do honor to the day, leave your mobile phone to one side of the sofa and quietly enjoy La Roca”, said the presenter at the beginning of the delivery.

“Today, honoring the day, is the day we have taken the most selfies before starting the program,” added the communicator. Taking advantage of this comment, Juan del Val criticized a custom of his wife. “I can’t stand this moment before we started, around 25, when Nuria says ‘let’s take a selfie’, she puts us in 16 different positions and takes 100 photos,” the writer confessed.

In the program they talked about the actress Rachel Brosnahan, who confessed that she has stolen part of the costumes from the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. “Let the theft of clothes return to television. 30 or 25 years ago, when they called you to do a report, they put clothes on you and, automatically, they made you a suitcase and gave it all to you. illusion that you were dying. Now not even a Zara sweater, you can’t take anything. We are being very mice, we have to be more generous, “admitted the host of the format.

“I, in a program in which I intervene at night and that Pablo Motos presents, I wear something, they leave it to me, and I say ‘I’m going to take it’. And I take it,” admitted Juan del Val.

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