New consignment of guests in Pasapalabra to complete the first week of March. The Antena 3 program, presented by Roberto Leal from Seville, will feature these days with Esther Arroyo, Pablo Carbonell, Patricia Cerezo and Pepe Begines. These four celebrities are going to witness the now mythical fight for the Rosco jackpot between Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castaño, a loot that already exceeds two million euros.

Although he already knows what it is to compete in Pasapalabra, the name of Pepe Begines may be the least known guest among the public. However, almost everyone will quickly place him as soon as the music group with which he achieved fame is mentioned: Don’t tread on me, I’m wearing flip-flops.

Born 55 years ago in Los Palacios y Villafranca de Sevilla, Begines entered the world of music in the 80s and in 1987 he formed the agropop band (his particular casual mixture of pop, rock, reggae or flamenco) that He provided songs as popular as Bolillón, ¿Y tú de quien eres?, The streets of Chicago or especially Canario. The group racked up two platinum and gold records on their first three albums.

Between 1989 and 2000, Don’t step on me, I’m wearing flip flops, published 10 works and toured Spain on numerous occasions, as well as France, Morocco, Cuba or Japan, before its members decided to take a hiatus.

With the band at a standstill, Pepe Begines began a solo career. In addition to composing music for film and television, the Sevillian artist joined Kiko Veneno in a self-published and underground album called “Gira mundial” (2002). Later, Begines would sign three more albums.

In 2010, Begines produced and edited a tribute album to Carlos Lencero together with José Ángel Carmona and, finally, he recorded again with Don’t tread on me, I’m wearing flip flops, a work baptized Superhéroe agropó.

Since then, the Sevillian has continued to take to the stage with the band of his entire life, adding almost 2,000 concerts, at the same time that he has composed songs for artists such as Raimundo Amador or Luz Casal.

More recently, at the end of 2021, Don’t Step On Me That I’m Wearing Chanclas teamed up with Toreros Muertos to go on a joint tour that continues to visit venues throughout Spain to this day. A meeting between Pepe Begines and Pablo Carbonell, both in Pasapalabra these days.

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