The Government tries to calm the self-employed by extending the system of taxation by modules

The three thrusts of the Government of Sánchez to the self-employed that will cost them 1,500 million

The meeting between the Ministry of Labour and the representatives of the self-employed to reach an agreement about what should be the rise in contributions has resulted in an offer that, in the opinion of the national federation ATA, it is “disproportionate”. According to its estimates, the department’s proposal directs Magdalena Valerio is an increase of the quotas of at least 260 euros per year.

“Would be at least 260 euros for self-employed individuals, a figure that could increase in function of the contribution bases. And for self-employed corporate, that are close to a million, an increase of at least 357 euros”, explains to this newspaper, Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA.

In particular, the bid that has today transferred Work is to link the increase of the minimum basis to the CPI of November, which was 2.3%. This indexing continues Love, but it is a totally exceptional as never before has been done and can be explained only by the “desire collection” of the Government. In addition, the rate of exchange would increase to 31.4%.

This offer is still far from the proposal that ATA transferred to the Government. This association ensures that it will not accept an increase that exceeds 40 euros per year. In contrast, UPTA yes I would be closer to what is proposed by the Executive branch as in the counter-proposal that you made last week, stated that it would accept a rise of about 19 euros per month, which would be about 278 euros per year.

Work, for its part, has not been expressed after the meeting, but the Ministry hoped to reach an agreement next with the self-employed. The official position is that, effectively, this group of workers will have to endure some kind of rise in their contributions in order to receive as well for better performance. This speech collides head-on with the We, a partner of Government of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and training, which, on more than one occasion, has assured that the self-employed would not have to endure an increase of the prices.

System modules

on the other hand, the Finance minister María Jesús Montero, has advanced this morning on the Forum Five Days ago that the Government extended the system of modules, that under the existing legislation should tighten their thresholds in 2019. So, the Executive will keep the limit of exclusion the íntegros of being self-employed exceed the 250,000 euros and when billing to other business owners or professionals to exceed 125,000 euros. It is also maintained when the purchases of goods and services exceed eur 250,000. This measure will benefit, according to the data of the Treasury, to half a million self-employed.

According to the criteria of

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