The American President Donald Trump would support a purchase of the American business of the popular Video App Tiktok by an American company to his own statements, according to. He would have “nothing against” the Acquisition by Microsoft or other American companies, Trump said on Monday at the White house. Literally, he said: “I don’t care whether it buys Microsoft, or someone else, a big company is a safe company, a very American company.” If it is up to 15. September, but no agreement to give, would set the operation of the platform in the United States. Trump made it clear that he expected that the American Ministry of Finance should benefit from a Deal.

Tiktok is an internationally successful video platform with hundreds of millions of users around the world. Users can upload their own Clips or Videos from others. Byte dance has been trying for some time to separate its international platform for the Chinese Version. Tiktok insured, the government of China have no access to user data and this also requires never. The data of American users would be anyway stored in the United States and processed. In mainland China there is only the censored Version Douyin. As chief of Tiktok recently, the Disney-Manager, Kevin Mayer was brought in, it was at the American group for a long time as crown Prince.

Recently had brought to Microsoft, after massive political pressure from the White house in position to take over the American business Tiktoks. The Software company giant wants to negotiate until mid-September a Deal with the private Chinese Tiktok-owners-byte dance. Microsoft confirmed the talks on Sunday (local time) for the first time, after Trump had threatened at the weekend, with a ban of the platform with reference to the security of the data. Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin had said on Sunday, Tiktok will sell “or blocked”. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo stressed, Trump will proceed “in the coming days to fact”. This is done as a reaction “to the various risks to our national security posed by applications that are associated with China’s Communist party”.