AMC Networks International Southern Europe presents Christmas Total, its transversal programming special that encompasses AMC SELEKT’s 14 linear channels and its four streaming services. The company’s offer includes varied and quality content on gastronomy, decoration, cinema, series, nature, true crime, history or travel, among other topics.

Prestigious chefs such as Manuel Costiña, Paco Torreblanca or Jamie Oliver; personalities such as The Order; and Hollywood stars such as Bradley Cooper, Jane Seymour, Brad Pitt, Ethan Hawke and Jennifer Lawrence are some of the stars of the company’s special programming, which also focuses on Nordic series and documentary productions to celebrate Christmas in all its glory. high.

Canal Cocina redoubles its commitment to original production with Pasión por el marisco. The renowned Galician chef Manuel Costiña, who has a Michelin star, shows all the secrets about one of the most precious foods. In addition, he is launching Christmas Without Cooking, a new format designed to show how to be the best possible host with minimal effort thanks to several menus that are purchased already prepared. During these dates, the channel also broadcasts special Christmas programs presented by popular chefs such as Jamie Oliver (Jamie: A Frying Pan Christmas) and Mark Moriarty (Mark Moriarty: Christmas at Home).

Canal Decasa, for its part, travels to Portugal to see how cities like Porto or Cascais transform with the arrival of Christmas in the new episodes of Christmas Markets. Enfamilia, in addition to a selection of Christmas movies, offers a special Tips from La Ordenatriz to get the house ready before family gatherings and GOOD TRAVELS! takes the viewer to the coldest adventures with productions such as Extreme Everest with Ant Middleton.

In the series section, SundanceTV exclusively premieres Fists of Ice, a Finnish fiction that follows the steps of a former world boxing champion who works as a police inspector solving crimes in Lapland. AMC is also targeting Nordic fiction with Death Below Zero, a psychological thriller starring a young police officer who is accused of a series of mysterious murders.

Enfamilia delves into the dark stories hidden in the Italian mountains in Avalanche in the Dolomites, a thriller about a group of people who are trapped in a luxury hotel without electricity and with a murderer among them. In addition, the television channel anthology of films written by Stephen King and directed by Greg Romero in the 80s.

AMC SELEKT’s movie channels offer a varied repertoire of movies adapted to different types of audiences. Canal Hollywood broadcasts films such as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1 and 2, Space Jam or The Lego Movie in its after-dinner sessions within the Magical Christmas cycle, while the December 25 offers a menu full of laughter with the Hangover trilogy.

Through its specials Christmas Spirit and Below Zero, AMC celebrates the holidays with films such as Fargo, Little Women and Molly’s Game. The touch of fear is provided by DARK with Happy NaviDARK, a selection of festive horror films with possessed dolls, marriages that lose their minds, legends and a long etcetera. SundanceTV extends its love affair with Nordic fiction thanks to the Nordics Panorama series, which highlights the Oscar-winning film Another Round; and Somos brings the whole family together in front of the television with La Marimorena, a special for the Christmas holidays that hosts films such as Marcelino, pan y vino, La gran familia or Twelfth Night.

Regarding the factual and documentary channels, Canal Historia goes to the origins of one of the cities that has sparked the most disputes throughout time with the exclusive premiere of Jerusalem: city of fury and hope, a documentary series narrated by actor Ewan McGregor that shows the evolution and conflicts that have occurred in that territory.

As for streaming services, El Gourmet presents a journey through the best European pastries with Paco Torreblanca, Best Pastry Chef in the World (2020), and his son Jacob in the documentary series La Dolce Vita. In addition, he tours France with Chef Guillaume’s Paris and delights wine lovers thanks to the productions Historias del vino en Chile and I love wine.

AMC premieres Valkyrien, the Nordic thriller winner of three awards at the Golden Screen Awards, the Norwegian television awards, and the second season of Harry Wild, where the former literature teacher played by Jane Seymour continues to solve crimes. For its part, History and Current Events delves into the most impressive buildings in Spain, Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom to show their enigmas in Castles: Secrets, Mysteries and Legends; and Planet Horror is committed to a selection of exclusive releases that includes titles such as Monstrous, the new classic horror film starring Christina Ricci.