Cezar Bononi Opens Up About Challenges After WWE Release

Former WWE wrestler Cezar Bononi recently shared his struggles following his release from the company in 2020. Bononi, who spent four years in WWE, faced uncertainty and challenges after being let go as part of pandemic-related cuts.

During an interview on “Developmentally Speaking,” Bononi revealed the difficulties he encountered after his release. With only thirty days to leave the country due to his visa being linked to WWE, Bononi feared having to return to his native Brazil. Fortunately, he was able to secure a green card, allowing him to stay in the United States.

Despite this, Bononi faced financial hardships while waiting out his non-compete clause. To make ends meet, he resorted to baking and selling Brazilian desserts to friends. However, his fortunes changed when he received opportunities in AEW, which eventually led to a contract with the promotion.

Bononi’s journey was not without additional challenges, including the birth of his son and his wife’s leukemia diagnosis. Despite the setbacks, he persevered and found success in AEW, highlighting the resilience and determination that helped him overcome adversity.

For more insights from Cezar Bononi, check out his full interview on “Developmentally Speaking,” with credits to Wrestling Inc. for transcription.