EastEnders Episode Delayed Due to The One Show D-Day Special

Fans of EastEnders may need to adjust their schedules tonight, as the latest episode of the popular soap has been postponed. The episode, which was set to air at 7:30pm on BBC One, will now be shown at 8pm instead. This delay is due to a special D-Day episode of The One Show, which will honor the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings.

The D-Day Special of The One Show will feature stories from D-Day veterans, with presenters Vernon Kay, Al Murray, Dan Snow, and Matt Allwright reporting from various locations. The episode of EastEnders that was originally scheduled for tonight will see Junior receiving a tempting offer, Suki pleading her case, and Bianca making a new enemy.

This week’s episodes of EastEnders have been filled with drama, particularly surrounding the characters of George Knight and Cindy Beale. Tuesday’s episode revealed a surprising turn of events, with Cindy spending a passionate night with her son Junior after being rejected by George. Actress Michelle Collins, who plays Cindy, has hinted that her character will show a darker side in upcoming episodes.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on your favorite soap opera.