British pop star Snow Patrol’s John McDaid, and Steven McCutcheon (producer), deny that the song is a copy of “Oh Why”, a 2015 song by Sami Chokri.

Andrew Sutcliffe representing the co-writers of “Oh Why,” argued that there was an “indisputable likeness between the works” and suggested that the likelihood of two songs “correlates” occurring within months was “minutely low.”

Sheeran was alleged to have “Oh Why” “consciously” or “unconsciously” in his head when “Shape of You,” “Shape of You” was published in 2016. He claimed that Sheeran was dishonest and evasive when giving evidence at the trial.

Sheeran and his cowriters claim they have given material to the trial, and that they don’t remember ever hearing “Oh Why” prior to the court case.

Justice Antony Zacaroli stated Tuesday that he will deliver his verdict “as soon and as I can.”

“Shape of You”, the UK’s biggest-selling song, was in 2017.