Final Trooping the Colour rehearsal takes place


Final Trooping the Colour Rehearsal Takes Place Amid Princess Kate’s Absence

The final rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour Parade took place over the weekend, with the Number 9 Irish Guards preparing to troop their colour on June 15. This annual military event, which marks the monarch’s birthday, is a significant part of the royal calendar.

Princess Kate, who is the honorary colonel of the Irish Guards, sent a heartfelt letter to the regiment expressing her regrets for missing the Colonel’s Review due to her ongoing battle with cancer. In the letter shared by the Irish Guards on social media, Princess Kate wished the troops good luck and expressed her hope to represent them again soon.

The absence of Princess Kate from the rehearsal was noted by many, as she has taken over from her husband, Prince William, as Colonel of the Regiment. Despite her absence, the troops continued with the preparations for the King’s Birthday Parade, where the King is expected to be in attendance.

The Trooping the Colour Parade is a beloved tradition that has been celebrated for decades, bringing together military precision and royal pageantry. As the final rehearsal concluded, anticipation for the grand event on June 15 continues to build among royal enthusiasts and supporters.