Heartbreaking Loss for Gemma Collins and Fiancé Rami as They Mourn Family Tragedy

Gemma Collins and her fiancé Rami Hawash are facing heartbreak as they mourn the loss of Rami’s beloved dad. The devastating news was shared by Rami on Instagram, where he expressed his grief over his father’s passing.

In a touching post accompanied by a photo of the couple together, Rami struggled to find the words to convey his emotions, describing his dad as the best dad in the world and the best angel in heaven. The outpouring of support and condolences from followers and friends was immediate, with Gemma herself sharing a message of love and remembrance.

The couple, who are in the midst of planning their wedding, have been met with this tragedy as they navigate their future together. Gemma and Rami, who recently rekindled their romance after a decade-long engagement, have faced their own share of challenges, including Gemma’s brave revelation of three miscarriages.

Despite the hardship, Gemma remains hopeful for the future, drawing inspiration from positive news like the birth of Gordon Ramsay’s sixth child. As they look forward to what lies ahead, Gemma and Rami continue to lean on each other for support and strength during this difficult time.