Kate McKinnon And Andy Samberg Set to Star in ‘The Roses’ Alongside Benedict Cumberbatch And Olivia Colman

EXCLUSIVE: A star-studded cast is coming together for Jay Roach’s upcoming film, ‘The Roses’, with Kate McKinnon and Andy Samberg joining the ranks alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman. Ncuti Gatwa, Sunita Mani, Zoë Chao, Jamie Demetriou, and Belinda Bromilow are also confirmed to be part of the ensemble cast. The movie, set to begin production this month, is a reimagination of the 1989 classic ‘The War of the Roses’, based on Warren Adler’s novel.

The plot follows Ivy (Colman) and Theo (Cumberbatch), a seemingly perfect couple with successful careers and a happy family life. However, beneath the surface lies a story of competition and resentments that come to light when Theo’s professional aspirations take a hit. With Tony McNamara penning the script, the film promises to deliver a darkly humorous take on love and divorce.

Director Jay Roach expressed his excitement about the project, praising the exceptional cast and the fresh direction the story is taking. While no official release date has been announced yet, the movie is already generating buzz in Hollywood.

The production is being led by Cumberbatch, Colman, and Roach, with Searchlight Pictures backing the project. President Matthew Greenfield lauded the talented actors on board, emphasizing the contemporary relevance the film aims to bring to a classic tale.

With a team of seasoned professionals behind the camera and a blend of experienced and rising stars in front of it, ‘The Roses’ is poised to be a captivating and entertaining journey for viewers. Stay tuned for more updates as the project unfolds.