If you’ve been missing the drama from Married At First Sight, the 2024 cast is stirring up some controversy on social media. The latest feud started when Tim Calwell posted an Instagram Reel with his girlfriend Barbara, a trip to Sydney, and a sticker that said ‘Warning: 100% b***h’. His ex Sara Mesa and her friend Lauren Dunn called him out, claiming it was a dig at Sara.

Sara called out Tim on her Instagram Stories, accusing him of making subliminal messages about her. Tim defended himself, saying he never mentioned anyone in particular and that people were projecting their own thoughts onto his reel. He stated that he likes talking about his life experiences, even if they involve his time on MAFS.

Sara responded by saying she tried to handle things privately with Tim, but he ignored her and continued to make digs at her. She expressed her frustration at being labeled as the bad guy, while Tim gets away with name-calling. Lauren Dunn also shared her shock at Tim’s reel, questioning why he was referencing his ex if he loves his new girlfriend.

Eden Harper chimed in on Instagram, pointing out the double standards in the situation. She mentioned how other cast members had used insulting language towards each other, but it was only deemed unacceptable when Tim did it. Lauren’s ex Jono and intruder groom Michael Felix supported her statement, highlighting the hypocrisy in the cast’s behavior.

When asked about her stance, Eden clarified that she didn’t condone insults or name-calling from anyone. She emphasized the need to address the use of violent, misogynistic language towards women, regardless of the context. Lauren also stressed the importance of considering the specific language used, especially when it perpetuates sexism.

The MAFS cast’s clash over double standards has sparked a heated debate on social media, with fans and co-stars weighing in on the controversy. As the drama unfolds, it’s clear that the issues go beyond personal conflicts and touch on deeper societal issues surrounding language and behavior. Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing feud.