Devastating News for Paul as He Suffers a Fall in Corrie

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) receives more devastating news about his deteriorating health in the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street. Since his diagnosis with motor neurone disease last year, Paul has been living with the condition. In early May, his MND nurse delivered the heartbreaking news that he must now consume nutrients through a feeding tube as he can no longer eat solid food properly.

This latest development has left Paul understandably upset, serving as a stark reminder that the MND will continue to progress throughout his body. In the upcoming episodes, Paul and Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) return to the hospital for another appointment where the MND nurse explains that as Paul’s neck muscles weaken further, he will eventually be unable to use his stair lift.

An Eyegaze specialist visits Paul at home to teach him how to use new equipment that will allow him to control his communication device with his eyes. The episode takes a surprising turn when Summer (Harriet Bibby) returns home from America with news of her new boyfriend, Felix, waiting to meet them at the Rovers. However, just as Paul and Billy are about to leave the flat, Paul suffers a fall down the stairs.

The question remains: Will Paul be okay after this latest setback?

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing storyline in Coronation Street.

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