Rochelle Aytes Makes Move from ‘S.W.A.T.’ to CBS’ ‘Watson’ as Series Regular

In a surprising turn of events, Rochelle Aytes is saying goodbye to her role as a series regular on S.W.A.T. and making a swift transition to another CBS procedural, the upcoming medical drama Watson with Morris Chestnut in the lead.

CBS recently made the unexpected decision to renew S.W.A.T. for an eighth season, despite previously announcing the cancellation of the show after six seasons. Unfortunately, Aytes, known for her role as Nichelle Carmichael, did not receive an invitation to return as a series regular. However, the producers are keen on keeping her character in the S.W.A.T. universe as Hondo’s wife and mother to their child, with hopes of her recurring in the next season.

Shortly after Aytes became available, she was offered a series regular role on Watson, a medical show with a strong investigative element. Created by Craig Sweeny, the series features Morris Chestnut as a modern version of a legendary detective, now focusing on solving medical mysteries.

Aytes will portray Dr. Mary Morstan, a highly skilled surgeon and the Medical Director of the hospital. Her character will provide a voice of reason and reality checks to her ex-husband, Dr. Watson, played by Chestnut. While she respects Watson’s sleuthing abilities in medical cases, she may sometimes find his methods unorthodox.

Production for Watson is set to commence next week in Canada, with a midseason premiere scheduled on Sundays. On the other hand, S.W.A.T. continues to film in California with its remaining cast members.

This significant career move marks Aytes’ eleventh series regular role, showcasing her talent and versatility in the television industry. She is represented by Innovative Artists and Ryan Daly of Zero Gravity Management.