School of Rock Director Open to Sequel with Jack Black

The director of the beloved film School of Rock, Richard Linklater, has expressed his willingness to return for a sequel, but with one condition. In a recent interview with UNILAD, Linklater revealed that he would be up for a sequel only if writer Mike White is brought back on board.

Jack Black, who previously mentioned that he’d never say never to reprising his role in School of Rock, seems keen on the idea of a sequel. Black even suggested the title “School of Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo,” which has fans buzzing with excitement.

Linklater emphasized the importance of having a solid idea and reason for a sequel, citing the success of reboots like Top Gun: Maverick. He believes that any sequel should resonate with audiences and have something meaningful to offer.

While discussions for a sequel are still in the early stages, the possibility of a return to the iconic film seems promising with Linklater’s positive response. Fans of School of Rock can only hope that a new chapter in the story will soon come to fruition.