A man pretends to be a naturopath and sexually assaults his patients. When he is exposed, the 54-year-old murders his wife for fear of separation. The public prosecutor’s office in Flensburg has now brought charges of murder and aggravated coercion.

The public prosecutor’s office in Flensburg has brought charges against a naturopath because he murdered his wife and massaged other women in the genital area without medical reason. The indictment accuses the 54-year-old of murder and serious sexual assault in several cases, the authority said. Accordingly, he is said to have run a practice as a naturopath between 2014 and 2022 without having the appropriate qualifications.

The man is said to have inflicted massages and non-indicated and painful intimate treatments on the women who came to him in order to sexually arouse himself. He threatened a woman who wanted to stop the “treatment” to publish secretly taken nude pictures on the Internet. She filed a complaint.

In response to the investigations thus initiated, the man is said to have feared that his wife would turn away from him. In order to get her inheritance, he is said to have given her an overdose of a drug cocktail without her knowledge. Because the woman did not die immediately, he stabbed her twice in the stomach with a kitchen knife.

According to the results of the autopsy, the woman died from the pills. During the investigation, the man admitted that he had worked as a non-medical practitioner without training. He denied a sexual motivation for the alleged treatments and the murder of his wife. She wanted to kill herself with him because of a serious illness. The Flensburg District Court must now decide whether to open proceedings against the 54-year-old.