Shogun Star Horiyuki Sanada in Talks for Ghost of Tsushima Film Role

The talented Horiyuki Sanada, known for his role in the hit Amazon TV series Shogun, is currently in discussions for a part in the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film.

According to movie insider DanielRPK, talks are underway for Sanada to join the cast of the highly anticipated movie adaptation. While this news has not been officially confirmed by PlayStation Studios, fans are already buzzing with excitement over the potential casting.

With his impressive resume that includes roles in The Last Samurai, Sunshine, and Lost, Sanada has built a strong reputation in the industry. Fans have been quick to suggest that he would be a perfect fit for the role of Lord Shimura, the uncle of Ghost of Tsushima’s main character, Jin.

Director Chad Stahelski, known for his work on John Wick: Chapter 4, is set to lead the Ghost of Tsushima film project. Stahelski has expressed his vision for an authentic Japanese experience, with a complete Japanese cast speaking in their native language.

While the film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima has been in the works since 2021, progress has been steady but slow. With Takashi Doscher on board as the writer, fans are eagerly anticipating further updates on the project.

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, Ghost of Tsushima was originally released for PlayStation 4 in 2020 and recently made its debut on PC. The game has garnered critical acclaim for its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, making it a prime candidate for a successful film adaptation.