The end of the war between Alba Carrillo and Ana Rosa Quintana begins to take shape. The model left It’s Already Noon in April, after an alleged intimate meeting with another collaborator, the civil guard Jorge Pérez, which generated such controversy that it took her directly to Mediaset’s veto list for her new stage.

Her dismissal unleashed an all-out dialectical and judicial war, after the model sued Ana Rosa Quintana’s production company, Unicorn Content, and Mediaset for “fraud of law” and “unfair dismissal.” The Social Court number 39 of Madrid took over the lawsuit and called a trial on December 21 at 9:30 in the morning, but the trial never took place.

As ESdiario has advanced and EL MUNDO has been able to confirm, Alba Carrillo reached a friendly agreement with Ana Rosa Quintana’s producer, which will pay her a financial amount – according to ESdiario, the figure would reach four zeros – and which implies a confidentiality agreement about the conditions of his dismissal and subsequent negotiations. According to the aforementioned digital media, the model only maintained the lawsuit against Unicorn Content, producer of It’s Already Midday, the last program in which she collaborated.

Alba Carrillo argued in her lawsuit that “all these companies for which she has provided services continuously since July 13, 2016 make up a group of companies for employment purposes, the Mediaset España Group”, and therefore, she considered that there had been fraud had occurred and that he should be recognized as having an indefinite contract. In addition, she was suing the producer and the group for an alleged “unfair dismissal.” The agreement has been reached before knowing the opinion of the courts.