Chanel gave an interview to El Hormiguero on Tuesday, May 30. The singer, who spoke about her new single and her next album, told one of her biggest traumas on the program.

“In the ClavaĆ­to recording you had a story with a chocolate bar,” said Pablo Motos. “I have a trauma that is that I am very afraid that my saliva will go the other way. I get blocked, my throat closes and I am very afraid of drowning. Everything is dramatic, but it will be a trauma that I have from little or something,” he said.

“I was eating a chocolate bar at three in the morning, celebrating that the filming had finished and it had gone very well. All my team was in the van, three in the morning, a super-large van, all dark. Suddenly, I took a chocolate bar and my saliva went the other way. I couldn’t breathe and, in those moments, as I was struck by lightning, I have to go alone. Bad on my part, because I would have to seek help in those moments”, she assured .

“I went alone and ended up in front of the van, on the ground, because I had already been trying to concentrate for two minutes to be able to breathe and looking for a trickle of air. Everyone, my entire team, was in the van thinking ‘what does Chanel?’ They were thinking that I was thanking the day of shooting. But no, I was dying,” he said.

Chanel also explained how she experienced the success of SloMo, the song with which she represented Spain at Eurovision 2022. “I live things in the moment and I do all the projects with all the love possible. I have not felt pressure because SloMo is something special that is lived, a very special moment in the history of Eurovision in our country and I think it is something exceptional that must be remembered with great affection”, he opined.

In addition, the guest spoke about her next album. “I release a record, yes. I release a record and to your question when, it will be this year. This year there will be a lot of very good music,” the interviewee advanced.

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