The changes in Mediaset continue. After the veto of 13 of its most popular characters, the arrival of a new Code of Ethics and the decision to change the days of its broadcasts, the new image of Telecinco arrives.

Telecinco launches a new line of self-promotions and continuity on the air with the aim of “boosting its brand image and conveying to viewers in a clear and orderly manner the information of the day and time of broadcast of its content through new graphic resources easily identifiable, simple and very visual”. With these premises and with the motto Telecinco, to the rhythm of your life, the channel launches new visual and sound resources that unify its self-promotions and its continuity.

“Telecinco is characterized by being a lively, happy television that is close to the viewers,” says Manuel Villanueva, General Director of Content at Mediaset EspaƱa. “And it is precisely in these attributes that we have been inspired when designing this new graphic line with which we are going to announce in a dynamic, very visual and recognizable way the fixed appointments with our content every day of the week”.

In this new spot, Telecinco a new line of communication with its public. In it, the main Mediaset chain, the most watched among those under 55, tries to show its greatest achievements, as the company that provides viewers.

The characteristics that the new graphic line of self-promotions and continuity encompass some conceptual premises such as “a bright image that fully identifies the channel” with the blue color so characteristic of Telecinco in the background.

In addition, with the intention of drawing the viewer’s attention, the new labels are much larger, while the messages are more direct with simple closures “in which the important information is the center of attention.”

As reported by Mediaset, self-promotions will always open with a carousel that is temporarily located at the moment in which the content is going to be broadcast, so that the viewer easily retains the appointment with the promoted space. Together with the images of the content, the labels will always appear centered on the screen, fixing all the attention of the information: it can give information such as “premiere”, “return” or “final”.

The closure of the promos will provide the information with the name of the format, program or series, the day and time of broadcast. Usually, it will include photographs of its presenters or the actors to enhance the presence of the faces of the chain. You can also incorporate the age rating of the content.

And finally, as a novelty, the new graphics of Telecinco introduces a nod to the iconic language of emoticons, widespread among the new communication channels of the new generations, on a yellow background, a new color that enters the chromatic palette of the usual tones of the chain.

These circular icons, which will randomly contain symbols such as a heart, a star, a hand with a thumbs up, an applause, a house, an asterisk and an exclamation mark, will also serve as a transition to the iconic ball that incorporates the Telecinco logo. .

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