The participants of Survivors 2023 completed 80 days of adventure on Sunday, May 21. This is how Laura Madrueño recalled it before introducing a reward test during the Honduras Connection gala.

This edition of the ‘reality’ started on March 2. After almost three months, the physical change of the contestants who continue in the competition is obvious. Although they won’t know how many kilos they have lost until they go outside, the impact that hunger and the sun have had on them is evident. The Telecinco website collects photos of all the survivors to show how they have changed week by week.

The winner of GH VIP 7 is one of the great favorites of the spectators. She maintains her smile in the photographs of her, in which a remarkable weight loss is appreciated.

Raquel Bollo’s daughter has suffered the ravages of hunger in the contest, something that shows both in her face and in her body. Her skin, like that of all of her classmates, looks more tanned than before.

The Ukrainian-born model came to the program with a neat physique, but the passing of the weeks and the scarcity of food have made her torso and arms lose volume.

Isa Pantoja’s boyfriend has starred in one of the most important physical changes of Survivors 2023. The images show that he has lost a lot of weight since his arrival in Honduras, how both his hair and beard have grown and how his skin has darkened.

It is hard to recognize Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú’s nephew by comparing his current appearance with that of his first photos in the format. He now sports a beard, brown skin and even his ribs are visible.

The numerous tattoos of the Valencian ‘influencer’ do not hide the fact that he has also lost weight after almost three months in Survivors 2023.

Raquel Bollo’s son has undergone a great physical change since his arrival in Honduras. In the last photos of him, he appears with a very thick beard and with fewer kilos than when he started the program.

The Insiders winner has also suffered from starvation and sun exposure for several weeks, revealing a leaner, tanned body.

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