Survivors: Conexión Honduras showed on Sunday, March 12, unpublished images of a tense dispute between two contestants. Asraf Beno and Sergio Garrido had faced each other in the Palapa during the broadcast of the gala on Thursday the 9th.

It all started when the Fiesta collaborator made it clear that he did not trust Arelys Ramos and pointed out that he would have made a pact with Isa Pantoja’s boyfriend. “It’s just that I haven’t even talked to him about coming,” said Yulen Pereira’s mother.

The one who was a participant in GH VIP 6 addressed the paparazzi: “You look like a maruja… We all know things.” The aforementioned continued questioning Arelys: “We are muleteers and we will meet on the road. Walking we will see the little things that happen.” However, he changed targets as the gala progressed.

Asraf exposed: “What he wants is to provoke one. He just argued with Adara. He wants everyone to go against him and then play the victim.” At a certain point he told her in a low voice: “Let your children see you like this, or whatever, setting that example…”. Raquel Arias recommended: “Do not go to the family issue.”

The photographer exploded at his words and got up to shout: “Not even my children’s names!” Beno asked him when he saw that he was upset: “What are you going to do?” Garrido continued very angry: “Don’t name my children! Don’t name them, you don’t have the balls to name them.”

The confrontation between the two continued when the model accused him of making up the news: “There are good paparazzi, people who look for their information well… People contrast their information, but letting go just to let go…”. The aforementioned stated: “I’m here because I’m number one, kid. And you’ve never interested me at all as a character.”

Isa Pantoja was on the set of Survivors 2023 and shared his opinion after seeing the dispute. Asraf Beno’s defender was critical of Sergio Garrido for talking about issues such as the relationship between Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira: “What I saw in the Palapa is that he took a lot of things from outside.”

In addition, she justified the comment her boyfriend had made: “When Asraf tells him that, it is not in the context that he wants to attack his children, he is saying it super calm and he is like ‘man, stop because you are going to see this a lot people, your family and such.

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