Netflix premiered The Squid Game: The Challenge on November 22. In the reality show, based on the popular South Korean series, 456 participants compete by undergoing different tests for a prize of 4.56 million dollars.

Red light, green light, The Umbrella Man, War, There’s Nowhere to Hide and A Breath are the chapters that can already be seen on the platform. Four more will be released on November 29: Goodbye, Friend of the Enemy, One Step Closer and Circle of Trust. The final installment, A Lucky Day, can be seen on December 6.

Each episode presents a different test, which are practically the same as those of the original series. As in fiction, those who manage to overcome it move on to the next phase, until only one winner remains. “Throughout a series of games, each player will be pushed to the limit and forced to question how far they will go to win, forging opportunistic alliances, ruthless strategies and betrayals,” Netflix said.

Netflix has revealed where the participants of The Squid Game: The Challenge, which was filmed in the United Kingdom, come from. Most of them, specifically 315, are from the United States, plus one from Puerto Rico. 99 are from the United Kingdom and the rest from different countries, including one contestant from Spain.

As for ages, the twenties dominate with 179 contestants. There are also 139 participants in their 30s, 63 in their 40s, 51 in their 50s, 25 in their 60s and 5 in their 70s. 46.4% are women, 53.4% ​​are men and 0.2% are declare non-binary. Four sets of twins participate, as well as nine TikTok personalities. Approximately 81,000 people applied to participate in the reality show, which took 16 days to film.

The production received a lot of criticism during filming, with some participants complaining about the supposed bad conditions. “Well-being and safety are obviously paramount to us. And we have taken appropriate measures to take care of people. The particular criticism that was talked about centered on the filming of Red Light, Green Light. It was a big, complicated shoot “It was a cold day and it took a long time. But everyone was prepared for it and taken care of appropriately. We anticipated and actually tested everything in advance and made sure we took all the appropriate measures,” producer John Hay told The Hollywood Reporter. .