Tini Stoessel returned to La Resistencia on Tuesday, March 7 to promote Cupido, her new album. The artist did not reach the space of

The Argentine showed the images that accompany her album and pointed out: “You see that I have pink eyebrows.” She showed that she had makeup on hand to also color those of the presenter. He reacted like this: “This can’t be… Every time you come here it’s a mess for me.” It should be remembered that he had gotten a tattoo after losing a bet during a visit by the interpreter to the program in 2021.

She insisted and got the comedian to let himself paint his eyebrows. Grison noted as he did so, “It’s not very noticeable, I’d stick it in the beard too and sideburns.” The driver of the ‘late show’ replied: “No, no, it’s okay.”

The comedian was satisfied to see himself with pink eyebrows: “Watch out, he’s handsome. This is cool… It has its point. How does it look on me!” The guest asked him to pose with her for some photos with a “sorry, but no” face. Neither the public nor they could contain their laughter at his expression when taking several selfies.

Tini gave Broncano another gift before surprising him with makeup in La Resistencia. The singer took a shirt from the Argentine team out of a bag. “It’s the one with the three little stars,” she commented while showing the back of it with the message “world champions.” The interviewee indicated that the presenter had to thank her partner, Rodrigo de Paul, for the gift.

The cameras focused on the Atl├ętico de Madrid footballer, who was sitting in the stands. The presenter spoke with him and pointed out: “This kid, who is there as if nothing had happened, is world champion.” In addition, he invited him to visit the format to be interviewed. “But I don’t bring any gift,” said the athlete. “You bring something, a gift. What does it cost you? That you are covered, bastard!” The humorist snapped at him jokingly.

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