Ignacio José Fornés Olmo, Albacete, 1974. Put Albacete but it is the province of alicante, with residence, in the Beach of San Juan, in addition to being a poet and rapper from long-haul, author of 10 disks, included in a very recent Almanauta.

Sings: “Children of dad to teach me your teeth.” Do you remember when you started to see kids from the French school and the jesuits in sites of hip hop?I think that, starting in 2003, when I published Poetry and diffuse. Until then, in the concerts, I had only b-boys, was a little scary. But, look, I love that change… When I was going to the institute we were three rappers in class; now there are three that are not. The boys of middle class of his generation more or less educated desdeñaban hip-hop, in part because of a question class.That I know it better than anyone else, that I come from a middle class family. But I grew up in San Blas, in an unassuming neighborhood, and the people there clung to hip hop in a very gross, very desperate. The hip hop was not for all the hip hop you required. Do you miss all that?What I long for. It was very pure all. Today, this has more to do with fashion and the likes. To change, link to a ‘hip-hop’ in 1995 it was very difficult. That I do remember.We were the worst for flirting. If you don’t even let us get into the clubs…they saw Me with the hat and I said, “You, no”. And I: “o Uncle, I’m going to be famous!”. Up in The English Court I banned from re-entering once.How had women in that environment?The relationship with the girls was… let’s Say, in the beginning, you knew in class, you were his friend and said: “There is something, a secret that I want you to know me.” Then began to come, began to do graffiti… And then we were all the same. The first MC a homosexual who knew?I don’t know. Had guys that maybe were and maybe what they hide. And already then it seemed to me a bobada. At that time we were very left-wing and that included leaving that all the world should be what you would like. And now, do you have kids around? Nephews teens, something like that.Yes. Listen to trap, especially, and tell me that mine I like, that I am a classic. It may be to not offend me, but I give them a few eurillos all forms. Scares Me a little not to be in tune with them. But, what am I going to do? Nor am I going to transform myself into what I am not. True or false: put emphatic makes us heavy.What a bitch of a question. False. Well, I don’t know. Tell me what you mean by emphatic. That conveys his message with great insistence and does not have cracks in their ideas.Depends on what you have each one in the head. There are people that scare you with their ideas. But I like the friends who believe in what is yours and defend it to the death. Are we talking basketball? What will Luka Doncic in his year of ‘rookie’?20 points, five rebounds, five assists. I love Doncic. And Juancho Hernangómez also. To see if the pass already.Doncic is the type of player who likes to hear more Radiohead to Public Enemy.I know, but I can identify with the european who speaks your language and is going all out. How about playing basketball?Well.Type Tony Parker, base virguero.I had to be very hated by the rivals.In some fight I got, yes.And of spree, what got into fights? Any. But not the looking for me.All the guys got in a fight of the night, a little without wanting.Some, yes… what Four or five is “some”?I’ve agreed this morning ‘My old rocker’, that series of the 90’s. Do you know how old was the actor? 42 years what 42 years old and what was old? It kills Me. I just turned 44. I don’t remember that series but, if you are thinking of doing ‘My old man rapper’, which is not count me. Seriously, that is not happening.

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