The Notorious Bank Robber: Scott Scurlock’s Story Unveiled

The Netflix documentary “How to Rob a Bank” sheds light on the captivating tale of Scott Scurlock, one of the most prolific bank robbers in U.S. history. Hailing from Reston, Va., Scurlock successfully executed 17 bank heists in the Seattle area during the ’90s, amassing a staggering $2.3 million.

Inspired by Hollywood blockbusters like Point Break, Scurlock donned flashy disguises, earning him the moniker “Hollywood.” Despite his criminal activities, he led a seemingly normal life, residing in a unique treehouse outside Olympia, Wash., and generously contributing to charitable causes.

However, his criminal escapades came to an end on Thanksgiving Eve in 1996 after a high-stakes robbery. While his accomplices were apprehended, Scurlock managed to evade capture temporarily before ultimately taking his own life in a decommissioned camper.

Who was Scott Scurlock? A charismatic figure with a troubled past, Scurlock transitioned from drug dealing to bank robbery, ultimately meeting a tragic end. His elaborate treehouse, constructed with friends, served as a testament to his unconventional lifestyle.

Despite operating solo for the most part, Scurlock enlisted the help of loyal friends like Steve Meyers and Mark Biggins in evading the law. Following their capture, Scurlock remained at large until a fatal confrontation with law enforcement led to his demise.

Scott Scurlock’s story remains a fascinating yet cautionary tale of a man whose life took a dark and ultimately tragic turn.